A Journey Through Decades Of Christian Publishing Excellence

"In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision." - Peter F. Drucker


Byron Dale Williamson, born in Decatur, Texas, in 1946, is a beacon of brilliance in Christian literature. Born in a rustic north Texas farmhouse, his journey through life is a captivating narrative that reflects the transformative power of passion and perseverance. Williamson's life itself mirrors the pages of his books, which are filled with challenges, triumphs, and unwavering faith. International bestsellers he published have left indelible marks on the hearts of readers around the globe.

Early Life And Education:

Williamson's academic journey led him to Abilene Christian University, where he pursued a Master of Science in ministry and church history. Under the guidance of esteemed professors with degrees from such universities as Harvard, Duke, and Edinburgh in Scotland, Byron blossomed with the blending the sacred and scholarly. Abilene became a crucible for Byron, combining his rural roots with wisdom gleaned from academia. As a graduate in 1974, Byron emerged as an enlightened harbinger of a literary legacy, destined to illuminate the corridors of Christian thought.

A Vision For Children's Literature:

In 1983 Byron Dale Williamson founded Worthy Publishing, a literary start-up aimed at fostering young minds. His vision led to the creation of the International Children's Bible (ICB), a literary innovation that transcended traditional boundaries. The success of ICB paved the way for an easy-to-read adult translation, the New Century Version (NCV). Today, the ICB and NCV have become literary titans, selling over 15 million copies. Williamson's Worthy Publishing experience served as a beacon for future generations, encouraging them to explore the sacred world of literature with renewed curiosity.

Worthy Acquired By Word, Inc.:

In 1988, upon the acquisition of Worthy by Word, Inc., Williamson became Executive Vice President of the Word Publishing Group, a subsidiary of CapCities/ABC, later a cornerstone of The Walt Disney Company. Under his leadership Word became a powerhouse in the Christian literary world, publishing such authors as Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Charles Colson, Pat Robertson, Charles Swindoll and many other bestsellers. His legacy leadership echoed in readers' hearts worldwide.

Thomas Nelson Era:

Word was acquired by industry leader Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1992.  Byron became President of combined the Thomas Nelson/Word imprints, expanding its distribution boundaries into Walmart and other new channels for Christian books, becoming the eight largest trade publishers in America. Under Williamson's leadership, Thomas Nelson launched the remarkably successful children's book imprint, Tommy Nelson, and mainstream gift book division, J Countryman Gift Books Williamson's visionary leadership left an indelible mark on Christian publishing.

Integrity Publishers:

In 2001 Williamson left Nelson/Word to establish Integrity Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee. The new company focused on positive Christian content, including million copy, national bestsellers by Beth Moore, David Jeremiah, Max Lucado, Henry Cloud, as well as Emerson Eggerichs' Love and Respect.

The release in 2004 of Sarah Young's global bestselling devotional, Jesus Calling, later acquired by Thomas Nelson, produced a global record-setting bestseller in all categories with over 45 million copies sold worldwide in the 21st century.  But Integrity was not just a business, rather a source of inspiration for writers, dreamers, and spiritual content seekers. Williamson's entrepreneurial daring and literary brilliance made Integrity a significant force in the Christian publishing industry.

Relaunching Worthy Publishing:

Byron literary journey took another turn in 2011, after the sale of Integrity to Thomas Nelson, he relaunched the Worthy Publishing imprint.  This start-up was built around several major new works: The Jeremiah Study Bible appeared in 2013, after which came many bestsellers, including John Hagee's Four Blood Moons, which achieved 17 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, as well as works by such mega authors as Jerry Jenkins, David Jeremiah, Charles Swindoll, Dr. Don Colbert, and Charles Colson.

Hachette Acquisition:

In September 2018, Worthy Publishing was acquired by Hachette Book Group, USA, blending Williamson's legacy with Hachette's, Paris-based international vision.

Awards And Recognition:

Williamson was awarded the ECPA Chair Award in 2021 for his lifetime of extraordinary achievements in Christian literature. The award was a tribute to Williamson's dedication to publishing, with thousands of books born from his vision for positive messages sold via expanded mainstream and global channels.

Byron Dale Williamson's life is a testament to resilience, innovation, and faith. Born in a humble farmhouse, he became a global literary legend, a beacon of hope for aspiring writers. His story inspires others to pursue similar journeys.