"Music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it's in the bones, it's in the bones." - Keith Richards

Personal Life:

Amanda Blue Leigh, who is known as a singer, songwriter, poet, and environmental activist, was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She gained recognition for her music career during the 1980s and has made significant contributions to the music industry as an independent artist. Along with her musical pursuits, Leigh has also been actively involved in environmental activism and expresses her spirituality through her art. Her parents are Ronald Cohen and Marlit Barnett. In the 1980s, Leigh became an American citizen.

Leigh's Professional Journey:

Amanda Blue Leigh has been an influential figure in the rock music scene since her initial days with the 80s NYC rock band “Spider”. Though she has been more recognized for her original vocal performance on Tina Turner's hit song “Better Be Good To Me”.

Leigh's band recorded this song on their 1982 album “Between the Lines”, produced by Michael Chapman. Coming from Cape Town, South Africa, Amanda still did not limit her music. Instead, she journeyed across continents, bringing her own unique blend of Rock, Folk, and Afro Beat to her music.

Moreover, Amanda's talents have not only been limited to her vocals, but they also expand to her writing. Leigh is also a poet who has shared her poetry with the world through her writings in the poetry magazine “Taj Mahal Review”.

After her time with Spider, Leigh teamed up with drummer Anton Fig to create an album of original songs called 'Blue Fig' in 1986. Fig later joined The Letterman Show in New York City, while Leigh continued to explore new musical endeavors.

In 2009, she established The Amanda Blue Band in Los Angeles, comprising talented musicians like Phil Jones (drummer), Steve Sykes and Fuzz bee Morse (producers), and Chad Watson (bassist). Together, they recorded and released the album 'Best of Blue,' which received acclaim and was reviewed by the popular Rock Cellar Magazine in LA in 2017.

Redefining Music For Her Audience:

Amanda Blue Leigh stands out as a unique talent in the music industry, with a sound and style that is truly her own. She has redefined herself again and again through her soulful vocals and a mission to bring harmony by bringing people together. She continues to captivate listeners and touch the hearts of her audience. With her blazing in the world of music, the impact she creates undeniably reminds us of the power of music that even transcends boundaries and brings joy to people worldwide.