"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Analytics Insight, a startup based in Hyderabad, India, is transforming the tech industry by focusing on algorithms and data precision. The company, founded by Ashish Sukhadeve, is a catalyst for a revolution that is not based on grandiosity but on the potency of information and the precision of algorithms.

The founder's visionary approach to technology is not just about a magazine but also challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve. Analytics Insight stands as a testament to the power of subtlety and the profound impact of those who dare to reimagine the future.

Genesis Of Analytics Insight:

Analytics Insight, founded by Ashish Sukhadeve in 2017, aimed to ignite a global revolution in big data analytics and artificial intelligence. The magazine, both in print and online, has become a beacon of knowledge, captivating minds across the technological landscape. Founded as a promise to amplify the voices of big data and AI ecosystems, Analytics Insight has evolved into a monthly technology magazine that not only reports on emerging technologies but also dives deep into their essence. As a curator of insights and future trends, Analytics Insight serves as a saga of evolution and growth, the enduring impact of those who envision a future shaped by technology.

A Chronicle Of Excellence:

Analytics Insight Magazine is a comprehensive platform that not only covers news and insights but also serves as a guiding light for the analytics industry. It is based on extensive market research, historical data, and advanced algorithms, identifying emerging trends and future growth opportunities. The magazine features contributions from top leaders and executives, providing critical business insights and access to the sharpest minds in the analytics landscape.

Awards And Recognitions:

Analytics Insight, a leading innovation company, has been recognized by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Department of Industrial Policy Promotion. The company has also been awarded the "ET Promising Brands 2023" title by The Economic Times. The founder, Ashish Sukhadeve, has received awards such as the Economic Times Inspiring CEOs 2021 Award and the Gold Stevie Award in the 2022 International Business Awards.

More Than Just A Magazine:

Analytics Insight is a global provider of services that cover cutting-edge trends and technologies. It is the world's first print and online magazine focusing on disruptive technologies like AI, big data, and robotics. The company also offers reports and white papers based on CEO interviews and expert analysis. Its podcasts provide insights from key decision-makers in various industries, ensuring companies stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape. Analytics Insight's focus is not just on trends but also on the people shaping them.

Building Tomorrow's Solutions:

Analytics Insight, envisioned by Ashish Sukhadeve, is not just a magazine but a community, platform, and catalyst for solving humanity's most challenging problems. As an active participant in the digital revolution, Analytics Insight is shaping the future, reporting it, and steering the course of tomorrow's solutions. The magazine is navigating the future, one disruptive technology at a time.