"The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order." - Alfred North Whitehead


Analytics Insight, founded by Ashish Sukhadeve in December 2017, has transformed from a magazine focused on AI and big data analytics to an all-encompassing platform that covers a wide range of disruptive technologies. The platform has become a compass guiding us through the uncharted waters of technological evolution, not only reporting on trends but actively shaping and propelling them forward. Under Sukhadeve's leadership, Analytics Insight is not just about documenting the evolution of AI and big data but forging future pathways, setting the stage for the next wave of technological marvels. As a beacon, Analytics Insight illuminates the uncharted territories of innovation, shaping the fabric of our technological tomorrow.

A Visionary Beginning:

Analytics Insight is a platform that goes beyond big data analytics and artificial intelligence, embracing disruptive technologies and breaking down barriers. Founded by tech maverick Ashish Sukhadeve, it has become a game-changer, promoting global adoption of disruptive technologies. The platform captures industry pulses, allowing industry leaders, executives, and experts to share experiences and knowledge.

As a catalyst for change, Analytics Insight actively fosters innovation and sparks opinions. As a living entity, it shapes the tech landscape with every interview, article, and expert opinion. As a leader in a technological revolution, Analytics Insight is an adventure into the future, constantly redrawing the boundaries of what's possible.

In-Depth Analysis And Market Research:

Analytics Insight is a platform that actively shapes technological evolution by observing trends and predicting future growth opportunities. It uses extensive market research, historical data, and cutting-edge algorithms to guide organizations in the ever-evolving tech landscape, transforming data into a symphony of possibilities.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Analytics Insight is a digital hub that provides strategic research and knowledge dissemination in the analytics industry. It offers daily news, dynamic explorations, and insights that unlock the mysteries of the ever-evolving tech landscape. The platform also includes Analytics Insight Reports, a treasure trove of industry data that provides a roadmap to success.

These reports are not just pages of information but living documents that breathe life into the latest intelligence, segmenting the landscape by industries, geographies, forecasts, strategies, and technologies shaping the future.

Building A Community Of Disruptive Technologies:

Ashish Sukhadeve's vision is to create a community of disruptors, a collective of innovators dedicated to solving humanity's most pressing challenges. Analytics Insight is not just a platform but a digital hub where enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses converge to stay informed and actively engage in the dialogue of progress. Sukhadeve envisioned Analytics Insight as a bridge connecting ambition with opportunity, providing a sanctuary for pioneers of new technologies and a roadmap for implementation. The platform serves as a lighthouse, guiding ships through the uncharted waters of innovation, encouraging the exchange of ideas, and making every participant a protagonist in the story of progress.

Forbes Business Council Recognition:

Ashish Sukhadeve's Forbes Business Council membership demonstrates the significant impact of Analytics Insight, as it connects him with other successful business owners and leaders, promoting growth and networking opportunities.

Diverse Services Driving Innovation:

Analytics Insight offers a range of services, including thought leadership articles, magazines, reports, white papers, and podcasts, aiming to drive innovation and shape the future while maintaining its position at the forefront of the tech media landscape.


Analytics Insight is a platform that goes beyond just reporting, focusing on shaping the future of AI, big data, and other disruptive technologies. It serves as a bridge between the intricacies of technology and the hunger for comprehension, not just reporting but also educating and pioneering trends. As a beacon, Analytics Insight paints a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving to capture the essence of tomorrow's innovations. It encourages exploration and redefines the boundaries of what's achievable, beckoning users to venture boldly into the future, where each revelation is a stepping stone towards a landscape shaped by disruptive technologies.